baby girl

Dara Rose

I met Dara's mommy several years ago while working at Ann Taylor (gag. wretch. spit). She was sincerely one of my favorite managers & I was so thrilled when she contacted me a few months into her pregnancy to ask about scheduling a newborn session.  It was so much fun to see her in this new role as a Mommy. She & her husband are going to be fantastic parents & I'm so honored they let me be a part of such a special time in their lives. To see more images from the session, click here.



What a beauty! Mackenzie was very cooperative for our session. She adorned one of many, many headbands her Mommy made while staying up countless nights anticipating her arrival.  Her blue eyes are breathtaking & she often looked right into the lens so I could get a clear shot of them.  "Kenzie" is a beautiful little girl with a lot of people to love her & for that, she is blessed.  Please click here to see a few more shots from our session!

Marissa At Home

This is Marissa at about 3 weeks in her home with her Mommy. This kind of on-location shoot is my favorite kind because it allows both Mom & Baby to be completely comfortable in their surroundings.  I love walking into a home and scoping out "locations" & props to use for unique photos, like the vintage mirror seen in the 2nd picture on the right.  If you're looking for a unique photo shoot, there's nothing more unique than your own home & I'd love to come by to show you why :) See more of Marissa's sweet face here.

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Smiling Kyra

I have been hoping to take pictures of little Kyra since her parents (who I know, no stranger danger here) posted the first pictures of their sweet little girl on Facebook.  Needless to say, I was very happy when Kyra's mom contacted me to take some pictures of this smiling girl just before her first birthday.  I asked her what time of the day is best for Kyra. She said "She's pretty happy all day!" Wow, was she right! I have never seen such a pleasant child.  Kyra found something to do or to play with every where she was. Apparently, she has a love for being outdoors, so French Creek State Park served as a perfect place for us to do her shoot.  She seemed so please with everything she found. Even during a mini-meltdown, Kyra's mommy scooped her up and within 3 seconds, the little girl's frown turned to a smile, "....annnnd she's done!" To see more of this beautiful girl's shoot, click here.

Two little sisters

I was truly excited to have the opportunity to photograph Rella & her brand new baby sister Rylee.  Rella & Rylee's mom is an Elementary Education grad which is evident when you take a peek at Rella's play space. Everything is labeled; "Kitchen" "Chalkboard" ect. When I complimented on Rella's ability to spell her own name at the ripe ol' age of 3 (see lower left picture), she commented "My mommy taught me."  Rella has a one of those smiles that lights up her whole face & is completely contagious.   She is at the age where she wants to do everything herself. Luckily, she's smart enough, so she can!  Rylee is lucky to have her as a big sister. Rella is so gentle & sweet with Rylee. All of the photos taken with the two of them are not posed.  Rella is just head-over-heels about her baby sister. To see more of these pretty girls, click here.


Back up to Friday and you will meet this little dude & his twin sister. (Obviously, not pictured.)I like this picture because he looks ready to punch me in the nose. A wise guy, eh?

What a sweet girl.  She kept smiling again and again. I know that means "gassy baby", but who cares?! Look how darling!  It seemed she was intentionally sweet for the entire shoot. She would look right at me as if to say, "Ok, what would you like me to do next? I'm down for whatever." It was great.

The G Family

Part of the challenge of child portraiture is getting the children to be comfortable enough to show their true selves to you so that you can capture that.  When 8-year-old Emma answered the door with a bright smile and a "Hello!", I knew she was going to make my job very easy.  These kids were a true joy to work with. They were talkative, polite, funny & most of all they seemed to love to get their picture taken. I had a lovely time at the 'G' household that morning.  I hope it shows. See more here.

Tried & True

I am completely guilty of getting a shot like this with almost every baby that will allow me to do so. The shot with their soft brand new hands curled up near their  little face.I love their little hands & how wrinkly they are. Like little old folks.  There's something peaceful about this classic newborn pose for me. That's probably why I continue to capture it again & again.