infant photography

Noah // Newborn

Marc & Lindsay were so excited for their son Noah's arrival when I did their maternity session.  He arrived close to his due date & very healthy! However, we had to push his newborn session due to him being colicky.  Lindsey warned me that it may be the most difficult session to date because Noah is so fussy!  I came to the session ready to do a lot of soothing & take a lot of breaks to eat; but Noah surprised us all. He was perfectly pleasant & even gave me a few smiles.


Ian + Kyra // Siblings.

Ian came into this world two years after his big sister Kyra almost to the exact day!  I went to their family's new home and did his first session, and my second session with Miss Kyra.  As always, Kyra was a joy. She's smart, pleasant and extremely adorable.  Ian was calm & some of the time, I forgot he was in the room he was so quiet.  These two are some of the cutest kids around. Have a look.

Marissa At Home

This is Marissa at about 3 weeks in her home with her Mommy. This kind of on-location shoot is my favorite kind because it allows both Mom & Baby to be completely comfortable in their surroundings.  I love walking into a home and scoping out "locations" & props to use for unique photos, like the vintage mirror seen in the 2nd picture on the right.  If you're looking for a unique photo shoot, there's nothing more unique than your own home & I'd love to come by to show you why :) See more of Marissa's sweet face here.

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Two little sisters

I was truly excited to have the opportunity to photograph Rella & her brand new baby sister Rylee.  Rella & Rylee's mom is an Elementary Education grad which is evident when you take a peek at Rella's play space. Everything is labeled; "Kitchen" "Chalkboard" ect. When I complimented on Rella's ability to spell her own name at the ripe ol' age of 3 (see lower left picture), she commented "My mommy taught me."  Rella has a one of those smiles that lights up her whole face & is completely contagious.   She is at the age where she wants to do everything herself. Luckily, she's smart enough, so she can!  Rylee is lucky to have her as a big sister. Rella is so gentle & sweet with Rylee. All of the photos taken with the two of them are not posed.  Rella is just head-over-heels about her baby sister. To see more of these pretty girls, click here.

"Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture." Kak Sri

It's days like these when I feel really humbled & blessed to do what I do. The mother of the baby pictured here pulled her husband's dog tags out of a plastic bag & nervously asked me if I could find a way to incorporate them in the shoot. He's been in Iraq for 6 months now & she wanted to have him included in the photos some how. I told her I'd be very happy to & to thank her husband for me. What a special thing to be a part of. I'm sure these images aren't the first he's seen of his beautiful daughter. I'm positive she's posted some from her phone on Facebook & maybe emailed him a few images she's taken herself.  To have the opportunity to create beautiful images for people every day is truly a gift to me.  In circumstances like this, I feel so grateful. Grateful that there are people willing to go out into strange and dangerous places to do a job I would never want to do. Grateful for what they're fighting for. Grateful that on this particular day, I got to be a big part of making a new father's day while he's at war for us.


Take it in strides.

I'm a bit behind on my baby-a-day posts. This photo is from Wednesday & I still have today to post! So, enjoy this belated baby posting :)  

Again, baby's hands are something of a fascination for me.  I get to thinking about what those little hands will see & do in their lifetime.  I think about how all of us started out this small with such innocent looking digits.  I love how appropriate the grasp reflex is & the idea that we're created to be touched & loved that I associate with it.

Tried & True

I am completely guilty of getting a shot like this with almost every baby that will allow me to do so. The shot with their soft brand new hands curled up near their  little face.I love their little hands & how wrinkly they are. Like little old folks.  There's something peaceful about this classic newborn pose for me. That's probably why I continue to capture it again & again.