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A smile stretched across my face when Rebecca contacted me to come back for a second session. The first was when their first son, Max, was born. At that time, they were moving into their home which they're now completely settled into. To be invited back for the birth of their second son + to witness all the changes and growth they've seen since my first session with them was really fun for me, and I hope for them too!

If you'd like to schedule an in-home family session with me during the coziest time of the year (fall/winter, of course!) contact me today + you'll see how easy these sessions fit into your life.

Philadelphia Newborn Photographer | Logan Walker | Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

What a little blessing this guy is. He's arrived just when this family needed him and he has no idea how much he is loved already, but he will learn soon enough & then he'll never be able to forget it. I was lucky enough to spend a full week with my brother & sister-in-law as we welcomed sweet Logan (yes, I now have 2 nephews named Logan!) into the family. Here are some from his "official" newborn session.

Philadelphia Newborn Photographer | Lydia Rose | 7 Days New | Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

I had the absolute privilege of photographing Lydia Rose a few weeks ago. You may recognize her parents from the incredibly fun Gypsy Wisdom Band who I met a few years back while shooting a wedding.  Courtney, Lydia's mommy, talked to her the entire session which was so sweet to listen to; "There's my girll! Yeah, get it girl! There's my sweet girl!". A beautiful chorus of encouragement throughout the entire session. I love this little family.

Lucy Jane // Newborn

Lucy's parents are two of our nearest and dearest friends. Her father, Henry, has been best friends with Kyle since 2nd grade & I've grown to love him as a member of our little friend family over the past 8 years.  When I found out Emily was pregnant, I prayed they'd have a little girl. I knew Henry's family hadn't had a girl in years, and I knew Henry would be an amazing father to a little girl. He has such an ability to love. I'm so happy for Henry & Emily.  Emily is such a natural mother, and has given so much of herself and her life to ensure the best life for her daughter already, and she's only a week old.  Lucy is so loved & so blessed by so many.  I was so happy to do her first photo session Sunday morning. Here are some of my favorite images from that day.

Noah // Newborn

Marc & Lindsay were so excited for their son Noah's arrival when I did their maternity session.  He arrived close to his due date & very healthy! However, we had to push his newborn session due to him being colicky.  Lindsey warned me that it may be the most difficult session to date because Noah is so fussy!  I came to the session ready to do a lot of soothing & take a lot of breaks to eat; but Noah surprised us all. He was perfectly pleasant & even gave me a few smiles.


Newborn | Samson

This is Samson. He's a beautiful little boy who made his Mom wait a few days for him, but he arrived happy & healthy; that's all that matters.  Samson's dad is an avid hunter & asked me to incorporate some antlers in a few shots (see last photo), so I obliged. Samson was very good for his shoot & I think his parents would agree that he was definitely worth the wait.

Two little sisters

I was truly excited to have the opportunity to photograph Rella & her brand new baby sister Rylee.  Rella & Rylee's mom is an Elementary Education grad which is evident when you take a peek at Rella's play space. Everything is labeled; "Kitchen" "Chalkboard" ect. When I complimented on Rella's ability to spell her own name at the ripe ol' age of 3 (see lower left picture), she commented "My mommy taught me."  Rella has a one of those smiles that lights up her whole face & is completely contagious.   She is at the age where she wants to do everything herself. Luckily, she's smart enough, so she can!  Rylee is lucky to have her as a big sister. Rella is so gentle & sweet with Rylee. All of the photos taken with the two of them are not posed.  Rella is just head-over-heels about her baby sister. To see more of these pretty girls, click here.


Back up to Friday and you will meet this little dude & his twin sister. (Obviously, not pictured.)I like this picture because he looks ready to punch me in the nose. A wise guy, eh?

What a sweet girl.  She kept smiling again and again. I know that means "gassy baby", but who cares?! Look how darling!  It seemed she was intentionally sweet for the entire shoot. She would look right at me as if to say, "Ok, what would you like me to do next? I'm down for whatever." It was great.

Breathe & be grateful.

Sometimes I get caught up in stress. I can't help myself, I'm only human. On top of that, I'm a worry-wart by nature.  My respite these days is work. I believe that is because, fortunately, I have the blessing of having a job I love that allows me to learn & grow in the business I plan on staying in and cultivating for the rest of my life.  I love it & I can't believe I've been given the opportunity to do what I do each day I go into work.  I'm going to attempt to do a "favorite picture of the day" as I had intended when I began at BB.  Now that I have this blog up and running, I plan on keeping it regularly updated & putting it to good use. Here's today's favorite photo.