Tara & Nate | Married

Tara & Nate got married at the beautiful Lancaster Host on May 28, 2011. Their beach themed wedding in Amish country went off without a hitch! Tara incorporated all of the beach-themed details in a beautiful way from starfish boutonnieres to home made white chocolate seashells.  After some prompting, Tara even got up and sang a few songs with her band "Jeepster" including a song she wrote especially for her new hubby. One of my favorite things about weddings are the details the couple puts into it; the really personal things. I follow a LOT of wedding blogs & I love to see the intimate things people include for their special day. Learning about Tara's "something borrowed" was a heavy moment during prep time. I saw her mother pinning a small white cloth under Tara's dress. I wasn't sure what it was, but I knew I had to get a picture of it. Before I could ask, Tara explained to a few of bridesmaids that it was part of the baptismal dress of a very close friend of hers who tragically died in high school. Tara's mom teared up as she pinned the swatch on, telling us that this young girl had been like a daughter to her.  It's moments like these we remember what weddings are about, what marriage is about.  In it's simplest form, it's about loving someone so deeply & wanting everyone you love to gather around the two of you to celebrate your new life together, even those who can't tangibly attend.  What a great honor & tribute to Tara's late friend & a beautiful accessory to her wedding attire. To see more of Tara & Nate's special day, click here.