The Black Pack

One of the best things about moving to Maryland was moving into this house & getting Utley.  I think Utley would agree. Yesterday I took a few shots of what is almost a daily occurrence this summer; fetch on the water with "The Black Pack." The Black Pack consists of 2 labs, 1 flat coat lab & 1 Australian Shepherd mix (Griffin, who is not pictured here.)  These guys love the water, as any lab should. Utley started the summer out barely getting his little tootsies wet & I was worried he'd never learn to love the water.  During our Virginia Beach trip, our wonderful neighbors Kevin & Roseanne watched him and by the time we came back, Utley was "a swimmin' fool" as Kevin calls him.  It's his favorite thing to do & I am so glad we live in a place where we can both enjoy this activity every single day.