The Murphy Family

What can I say about the Murphy's that hasn't been said before? This is a family who did it right. They stuck together & raised their children to be OUTSTANDING individuals. I am only sorry I didn't meet this family sooner in my life. Chris Murphy a.k.a "Murph" has been a wonderful influence in my life since I moved home a year ago. I work with him & his company Showstopper Photography doing school and dance portraits (ATTENTION School & Dance folks, you want this guy taking your kid's photo!!!! Sick of getting those school photos back with that "fake" smile you can't stand? Have your school contact Showstopper's and get school photos with your kid's REAL smile.)

It didn't take me long to realize that I was put in contact with Murph for a reason. He surrounds himself with the best people & is nothing but encouraging and uplifting to be around. People of all ages love this guy & it's no wonder why; he's hard NOT to like.

So, when a fellow Showstopper co-worker & photographer Kara Raudenbush came up with the idea to purchase a family session for Murph & his flock, I was honored that she thought of me! I was especially excited because I knew this session would be a special one. You see, Murph & his wife Kim sent ALL THREE of their children away to school a few weeks ago just days apart. I knew that Kara's generous gift would mean to so much to them at such a pivotal point in the family's lives.

That brings me to his family. Murph & his wife Kim have three children; a girl and two twin boys born just over a year apart (I know, I'm tired just THINKING about it). They have cultivated a close-knit family that I am jealous that I am not a part of, personally. I laughed so hard during this session that my throat & cheeks hurt by the end. Each of their kids is an absolute JOY to know and I kind of wish I could've been adopted into this family many many years ago. Thanks so much for an awesome time & good luck to Maddie, Jack & Alex as they begin their college Freshman year!!