You're Welcome

I swear this winter was for me. Last year was a rough, rough winter for us. We walked around in our jackets & sweats because we couldn't afford to keep filling the propane tank up every couple of weeks. We tried to build fires to keep the house toasty using the woodstove to save on propane, but the fires always went out in the middle of the night & we'd wake up to a frigid igloo.  Besides that, we bought a cord of wood that wasn't seasoned, so it burned terribly.  The house, when it was "warm", was about 60 degrees.  It was the kind of cold that makes everything in your house cold; the clothes you put on, the surface of the couch, and especially (gasp!) the toilet seat. So, at the beginning of this winter, I prayed for it to be a manageable one. I prayed that somehow, it'd be easier than last winter. If you haven't notice, my prayers have been answered. In short, this mild, mild winter we've been having is all thanks to me. Lord knows I prayed for it!

These images were taken on the only day I witnessed snow here in Maryland. All images were taken using a Canon EOS-3 35mm camera with Kodak Portra 400 film.