Jaclynn + Chris | In-Home Engagement Session

A few weeks ago, I was invited into Jaclynn + Chris's home for their engagement session. A home they only just moved into this past December. It's already been a host to a few family parties, + a forever home to their pup. 

I love doing these in-home engagement sessions. I know that Jaclynn + Chris will make many many changes in this space as they make it their own. They won't always sleep on a mattress in the spare bedroom. Not once they're done painting their bedroom. And how else would I know the little intricacies of their lives? Like how the Tigger Mug is the one they fight over using (every home has THAT coveted mug that everyone wants for themselves). 

Over time, my work has become all about the connections I'm documenting and less about where we are. As long as it's important to the couple, it becomes important to me too. 

Philadelphia Engagement Photographer / Krissy + Ryan / Dani Dietz Photography

Krissy & Ryan's story harkens back memories of thinking, "Yeah right, like THAT would ever really happen." in every romantic comedy plot I've ever seen. But it did for them; minus the major misunderstandings, pitfalls & sappy montages. 

They have known each other since they were kids. They played t-ball together, and told me about how Krissy's long pony-tail can be seen hanging out of the back of her baseball helmet in Ryan's old home movies. Now, they enjoy fishing, hunting, and really just being best friends together. 

We had a great time out in Evansburg State Park & they were totally comfortable to be themselves with each other around me. As a result, they got some great photos to show for it. 

West Chester Engagement Session | Jackie + Andrew | Philadelphia Engagement Photographer

I knew when I met up with Jackie & Andrew last winter that we were going to get along great for this session. We talked dogs (and then more about dogs, and then a little more about-you guessed it-dogs.) and about their upcoming October wedding in the corner of Starbucks on a chilly winter night.

Fast forward to last week when they met up with me at Marshall Square Park in West Chester- a place that means a lot to them for many reasons. This time, there were more nerves in the air than at the coffee shop, but they still really nailed it.

Stroud Preserve Engagement Session | Deirdre + Patrick | Philadelphia Engagement Photographer

The clouds rolled in and threatened us, but we took advantage of the small bits of light it leaked through during our session together. Patrick & Deirdre showed me around Stroud Preserve & I couldn't believe I hadn't been there before that night. They let me put them in all the slivers of light the clouds would quickly lend us and didn't get spooked by my shrieks of excitement between shots. The scenery, the weather & the couple were all willing to work with me that night & it makes me so happy to be able to say I do this for a living.

The Dia Doce cupcakes the bought for me didn't exactly put a damper on things either ;) 

Haley + Tony // University of Delaware Engagement Session

Tony + Haley took me back to where it all began at the University of Delaware for their engagement session. After spending time with them almost a year out from their wedding in June, I am even more excited to photograph their wedding in 2015.  I laughed with them as I heard about all their early college-days stories. It's always so awesome to see people still so in love & so into each other; even after being together for so long.  This kind of love is my favorite to photograph.