How many hours of coverage do you offer for weddings?

  • My wedding package comes with 8 hours of coverage with the option to add more if you find that you want it. Of course, if you're having an intimate ceremony or elopement, I offer hourly rates for that separate from my full wedding packages.

Do we have to do an engagement session?

  • The benefit of having an engagement session is to really get comfortable with my shooting style so that you have one less source of anxiety on your wedding day. However, I understand that sometimes engagement sessions are not possible, or that couples are really disinterested. So if you are really not into it, that's okay! You don’t have to add it on to your package.

Okay, we want to do an engagement session. How do we set that up?

  • Great! I love doing engagement sessions in a space that is intimate for the two of you. What are your daily/weekly traditions right now? How might that feel to have them photographed? This can mean your living room, your back yard, or even a special location that is sentimental for the two of you. Parks and wheat fields are beautiful, but I want to photograph you in your element and in a way that reflects what life is like for you two right now. Once we figure out where, then we can set up a date and time. Easy peasy, right?

Do you work with a second photographer?

  • Second photographers are available upon request as an add on to your wedding package. That being said, I have found that I do my best work alone on a wedding day. I get in the zone and can rock out the best images when I only have myself to think of. It allows me to be totally present in the moments in your day without having to check in on another person. I do recognize, however, that there are weddings that call for two photographers and am happy to accommodate those weddings with half day and full day second shooter options.

How many images can we expect to get back? How long does that take?

  • All of my packages include all of your edited hi-resolution images. I don't believe in putting a cap on the amount of images you get back.Typically I deliver between 600-1,000 images for any given wedding day (about 100 images per hour, roughly). You can expect your images delivered in an online gallery via email between 6-8 weeks after your wedding.

What is it like to work with you?

  • I understand that being professionally photographed isn't something most people do after age 9 or 10. It's probably been a while since you were in front of the camera, and you probably feel like you are both "awkward". Can I tell you something? Every.single.person. who steps in front of my camera tells me that.

  • To ease this anxiety, I encourage you to interact with each other. I achieve this level of comfort with my couples by asking a lot of questions, asking them to tell stories about each other, giving lots of prompts to talk about your relationship. Through this conversational approach, I am able to pull out the best and most natural parts of you which translate so well in photographs. It turns out being more like a photographed interview than me directing every nuance of your interactions together. 

We're excited + seriously interested in booking! How can we get started?

  • Great! Simply use the contact form to fill out all your info and shoot it my way. You'll receive an email back within 12-24 hours with pricing information and an invitation to talk more on the phone about your photography needs. I can't wait to hear from you!